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When having video surveillance for your premise, you should be able to get high quality resolution video without breaking the bank.  The first piece of a quality video system is wires.  Yes, security cameras should be wired!  A high resolution camera system is a failure if it can’t record important events, wired camera systems deliver that important footage reliably.  While wireless camera systems CAN work on occasion they're prone to losing connection and slowing down Wi-Fi networks.  Let us take a look with you during a free consultation on whether a wired camera system will work for you.  We are often times able to conceal ALL wiring as our team of technicians are trained for a clean & professional installation.


Now that you know that a wired system is the only reliable video surveillance system, the equipment is the next factor.  video surveillance has made tremendous leaps and bounds in video equipment quality for the average consumer.  Security cameras now deliver true high definition video and superior night vision.  This is why we should be the security installer of your choice.  There are many security installers that lag behind in technology installing low quality cameras and equipment.  The camera systems we design come with standard w/ 1080p true high definition resolution.  We stay on top of this technology and make sure the highest quality of equipment is delivered to our clients and back ALL of our equipment w/ a THREE YEAR WARRANTY!


There are some very important pieces to the puzzle with video surveillance.  Storing the video, viewing live images, and retrieving important events are critical components to any security camera system.  Here at En Motion Security Solutions, we work with our clients to develop the entire system and make sure you get the video storage you need.  We will program your system and cameras using industry best practices; this increases recording time, keeps your system secure from hacking, and optimizes video quality.  Our technicians fully train you and make sure you are comfortable with your new camera system.  We'll even schedule a post-installation analysis to ensure your cameras are recording properly, that the system is working for your needs, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have!



Your alarm system has one job, to draw a line of defense!  While all of our panels include remote arming/disarming and monitoring for $0 down and professional installation there is a plethora of additional features you can add 'a la carte' to turn your residence into that of a smart home!  Please refer to our 'Plan Pricing' page for more information.


The basics of access control is having a lock that keeps a door secure and then telling who or when that lock should release the door.  The most common way of telling the door to open is via a personal badge swipe, entering a code or software telling the door to open.  Many systems offer different features and the scale of the system can often determine what you can do.  The most common features we install for our customers are ...


Have the front door open at your opening time and close at the end of your day but keep your IT room locked ALL day.


Your accounting personnel can get into the warehouse but not the IT room.


Allow the plumber coming in to fix a leak access to a side entrance which expires after twenty-four hours.


Use an app on your smart phone to unlock whichever door of your choice.


Track the cleaning crew or any other employee/contractor to see what areas they visit and if they're doing the job you hired them for!

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